Black Dog Theaterstück 7. April 20 Uhr Theater Blaue Maus

Ein Theaterstück von und mit Robin Kaip auf Englisch

A man finds himself in a dungeon-like space, surrounded by cold, impenetrable darkness. He thinks an evil, hungry creature, a „black dog“. is keeping him captive, feeding off his life forces. He is at the brink of giving up, when suddenly a faceless figure enters the space, claiming he wants to help the man find a way out, but refusing to reveal his identity. Hesitantly the man begins a dialogue with the figure, only to realize something is not quite right about him. He does appear to want to be of help one moment, but then tries to hurt him the next. A mysterious back and forth develops between the two, and the light in the room begins to change. Throughout his captivity, the man ponders the meaning of this experience. He wonders whether this was the result of a series of wrong choices, made by himself, or whether this was an event he was predestined to experience. He questions whether we as humans, in fact, have free will and can make choices, or whether we are being lead by forces beyond our control. He battles symptoms of deep anxieties, sadness and melancholy, while yearning for „golden times“, before he was imprisoned. He longs for peace and light, but he is losing the war.

Theater Blaue Maus, Elvirastr. 17a, 80636 München, Laufzeit: ca. 80 min, Sprache: Englisch, Tickets: €12 (Studenten: €8)